How to Vote

NOTE: By “vote” we mean show up at a voting station and vote for a candidate, or cast a blank ballot or mark your ballot however you want to mark it, or decline your ballot (only voters in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario provincial elections have the legal right to decline their ballot).

Click here to see Elections Ontario's voter information page.

Need help convincing a non-voter to vote in the Ontario provincial election on June 2nd, 2022? Direct them to the Why Vote? page.

Information on How to Vote in
Future Provincial and Territorial Elections

Alberta provincial election
British Columbia (B.C.) provincial election
Manitoba provincial election
New Brunswick provincial election
Newfoundland and Labrador provincial election
Northwest Territories election
Nova Scotia provincial election
Nunavut election
Ontario provincial election  |  Ontario municipal elections
Quebec provincial election
Prince Edward Island (P.E.I.) provincial election
Saskatchewan provincial election
Yukon Territory

 To find out how to vote in your city or town elections, search the Internet using the words “voting in . . .” and then the name of your city or town.

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